Legionella Prevention

Cocoon Environmental ServicesCocoon has operated within the Leisure / Hotel and Housing Association sectors for a number of years and has demonstrated an ability to apply processes which control environments where other products have failed. Within the NHS in the UK our product has been used to clean systems where legionella and microbial contamination in general could not be controlled by other methods applied. The same situation exists within the leisure industry where systems with obdurate biofilms manifesting as high TVC counts and legionella contamination have been cleaned in days and maintained in an almost sterile condition for periods of greater than 3 years (<10 TVC’s)

(All services to ACOP L8 & Water Byelaws 2000 Standards)

Range of Services

  • Legionellosis Risk Assessment
  • Log Book Development & Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Program Monitoring
  • Disinfection – Periodic (non-disruptive)
  • Disinfection – Constant Dosing Systems (non-disruptive)
  • Remedial Activity – advice, installation & repair
  • Ultra Violet Treatment Installations
  • Cold Water Storage Tank – Cleaning, Disinfection & Replacement
  • Analytical Service – Water samples collected for microbiological analysis (UKAS Labs)

Disinfection of Water Systems

Often a program of disinfection or dosing is required as part of the ongoing maintenance to control the Risk. Cocoon’s Silver Hydrogen Peroxide chemical allows us to deliver a superior service in the following areas:

Advantages: Process Efficacy

  • Superior control of Biofilm
  • Enhanced eradication of Bacteria including Sesile bacteria,
  • Slower bacterial re-colonisation
  • Reduced Storage Tank cleaning & associated disruption
  • Reduced likelihood of Emergency Disinfection due to TVC levels
  • Reduced Risk

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is a far superior biocide when directly compared to other chemicals typically used i.e. Chlorine based chemicals. Unlike chlorine, Silver Hydrogen Peroxide will not only eradicate planktonic bacteria but will remove biofilm and the Sesile bacteria which harbours within it. This is due to its unique, combined chemical and mechanical action (micro-turbulence).

A recent article published by The Water Management Society stated that biofilm accounts for more than 95% of the bacteria found in water systems and that biofilm inhabiting bacteria are 150 to 2000 times more resistant to free chlorine than planktonic bacteria. Water system disinfection must remove biofilm and associated bacteria to be considered fully effective.

Advantages: Non-Disruptive Process

Full use of water for drinking / bathing throughout disinfection process.

  • Chemical has Secretary of State (DWI) and Scottish Executive Approvals for use in public water supplies
  • No restricted access arrangements required due to uitilisation of non-hazardous chemical
  • Our process and chemical completely removes the risk of accidental exposure to harmful chemicals by either building occupants or Contractors.

Environmental Advantages

  • Breaks down to hydrogen and oxygen as it degradates during disinfection rendering it completely environmentally friendly, unlike chlorine based products.
  • At disinfection levels the chemical is completely safe to handle and consume as drinking water