Corrosion & Bio Fouling Mitigation

Cocoon Environmental ServicesManaging capital intensive infrastructure and the need to ensure longevity of asset life, combined with commercial performance, regulatory and safety considerations are of paramount importance to the Energy / Oil & Gas Industries. Cocoon provides cost effective solutions offering processes which mitigate the costly effects of bio fouling and corrosion (MIC)

The solutions we offer utilise processes which have unique biofilm removal efficacy combined with low-toxicity, which render them a “green option” when compared to comparative products available on the market and used within the industries in question.

Tightening regulations are already restricting the use of some previously used biocides. Our product HuwaSan TR50 (OS) has CEFAS approval and independent testing demonstrates not only low-toxicity but low corrosivity with materials of construction in both off-shore and on-shore environments.

Cocoon has completed a Best Practicable Environmental Option Study (BPEO) on behalf of a client in the Nuclear industry and has been involved in the design and application of systems to dose chemicals and undertake direct biofilm monitoring in this environment.

 Summary of Benefits  / Deliverables:

  • Exceptional efficacy for Biofilm removal
  • Resistant to precipitation in the presence of seawater unlike other SSHP’s
  • Low corrosivity with materials of construction
  • Single application chemical using industry standard equipment
  • Temperature stability range  -45 to 95 Degrees C
  • General Safety: No gaseous discharge or foaming / No flushing or neutralizing
  • CEFAS approvals for discharge at up to 500ppm
  • Green option – breaks down to water and oxygen